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Hi Sean,

This is Byron Minick from Sunny Arizona. I don't know if you remember me (probably not), but I used to publish the ChristianFreebies.com site on TAGnet. Rachel Terwillegar introduced me to TAGnet back in 1997 and I wanted to send you (as well as David Burry, which I just found on Facebook) thank you notes for all of the wonderful help and support you guys were back in the those days. The world of web publishing wasn't nearly as user-friendly back then as it is nowadays (with all of the templates available and GUI website builders available), but I kind of miss those old days too. ;-) It was always a challenge to see what technologies one could incorporate into one's website -- and to keep it cross-browser-friendly (between Netscape and Microsoft's IE) at the same time.

Well, I heard the rumor that you had moved on to new things now and that TAGnet is mostly focusing upon church websites. Not sure if that is correct, but if so, I am sure that they are still in good hands, with the Lord leading all the way.

I graduated from college and am now teaching college courses (in the computer IT field.) It's always fun to see students learn to master the newest technologies in the field. Much of what I use and teach my students, I learned from my experience with TAGnet and its staff. I don't think you guys truly realize the blessing you have been to many people out there, including myself.

Anyways, I hope all is going well. I am still publishing the Christian Freebies website -- take a look at it sometime when you get a chance. ;-)

God bless,

Byron Minick
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Byron Minick
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