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Original Article Written for Ten Talents Cookbook

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A copy of the original article submitted to ASI and to AMEN for inclusion in their publications, if they are interested, has also been published here since the entities that have had the article submitted to them also have the option to choose to edit the article for space and relevance to their audience.

Ten Talents reveals world’s best kept secret

Because it wasn’t until the age of 16 that I first encountered Seventh-day Adventism, I previously suspected it might be the best kept secret in the world. I was raised by a family that was not Christian; in fact, far from it! My dad was a heroin addict and my Jewish mother died of a medication overdose when I was eleven years old. Afterwards my Jewish grandparents attempted to raise my brother and me, but our behavior was too out-of-control for them to handle. Eventually we were sent to live with our Dad in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He had immigrated (fled) to Canada while under investigation by the FBI for drug dealing. We liked living with Dad a lot: no rules! We received marijuana for our weekly allowance instead of cash! By this time Dad was no longer taking heroin. Instead he was an alcoholic.

We moved to Ontario Canada and I attended public high school there for a year. I was not happy in the public school and the feeling was mutual, as the administration was not pleased with me either. I applied to attend high school in Vancouver British Columbia at a ‘Free School’ that was also known as ‘Alternative Education’. The government called us a rehabilitation center. Sadly, that school turned me down! So, on the last day of grade ten, at the age of sixteen, I skipped school and snuck out of the house at 4:00 AM. Calling a taxi, I left with a sleeping bag, a sack of clothes, and my guitar, headed to the airport where I took a flight back to Vancouver. Upon arriving in Vancouver I called Dad to let him know I did not live at home any more.

Once in Vancouver I set out to accomplish two goals; to get accepted into the alternative school that had turned me down and to finally become a vegetarian without any family interference! The first goal was accomplished by finding a job, renting an apartment and visiting the school to announce my arrival. They reminded me that I had been turned down. I pled my case with the fact that, although I was only sixteen, I had already gotten hired for a summer job, had rented my own apartment and had just single-handedly moved 1,500 miles with no family members anywhere near me. All that, just so that I could attend their school! The school reconsidered and accepted me. Now for the second goal! Vegetarianism!

Two blocks from my little apartment was a very popular health food store. I went there, on a limited budget, looking for a bargain: the most vegetarian recipes for the least amount of money. One cookbook won out. It was called “Ten Talents” and was full of awesome recipes. It also had a picture on the cover of a lady with her hair up in a bun reading a Bible. The book was filled with amazing quotes from the Bible and a stranger named Ellen White, neither of which I had ever read. That cookbook became my hippy Bible. In fact, that book became treasured by all my friends. Since I was on a limited budget, but loved to cook, I worked out an arrangement with my friends: They would bring the groceries they purchased to my place, and I would cook up for us all some vegetarian feasts using the Ten Talents cookbook. It was a win/win situation that helped me keep food on my table so I could get through high school. My friends especially liked the delicious peanut butter cookie recipe (page 129) which I modified slightly by adding marijuana to the batter. Those cookies were always a big hit!

The Ten Talents Cookbook was my first, but not my last encounter with Seventh-day Adventists. It was the first revealing of what was, to me initially, the best kept secret in the world. God brought me into contact with other good-hearted Adventist Christians through providential encounters around the world in the ensuing years. I was finally led to exclaim “I do not know who these Seventh-day Adventists are, but I have got to find out!”. Through a series of amazing journeys, I joined the remnant church and my joy was complete many years later when my Dad was baptized just before he died. The moral of my story: First, Purchase the Ten Talents Cookbook. Then “yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.” Rom 6:13 (KJV). May God help us to reveal Jesus to the world!

The Ten Talents Cookbook recently published a new, improved version. The recipes have been made even healthier and the improved eye candies (beautiful photos) are just awesome! Purchasers of this cookbook will discover not only life-giving healthy recipes in this book, but more! I can personally testify to that!

By the way: The peanut butter cookie recipe is on page 201 of the new edition.


Sean Carney currently works as Practice Administrator for the Medical Practice of his wife, Linda Carney MD of AllMedPhysicians, pLLC in Buda Texas. Previously Sean worked in California’s Silicon Valley in Internet development for Apple Computer and @Home Network. He was the founder of TAGnet (Three Angels Global Networking, Inc.) which assisted Seventh-day Adventist Ministries in publishing on the World Wide Web beginning in the early 1990’s.

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