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P.O. Box 1680
Buda, TX 78610
(512) 300-3329 Mobile
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Objective: Technology executive with background in internet strategies, software development and innovative applications for small to medium sized firms is seeking permanent or consulting opportunities.

January 2007 - Present
AllMedPhysicians, PLLC.
Chief Technology Officer & Practice Administrator

Medical Family Practice in Buda, Texas.  Manage technical infrastructure (Servers, Network, VPNs, Electronic Medical Records Software and Web Site) as well as financial responsibilities (Bookkeeping, Medical Billing and Coding) for my wife’s Practice.

May 2001 - April 2005 (4 years)
SoftShore Solutions LLC

Provided Offshore Software Development, Website Development, Content Management and Remote Managed Services. Strong emphasis was on Open Source implementations.

April 1994 - Nov 2004 (10 years 7 months)

Founded and directed Three Angels Global Networking, Inc. a California non-profit corporation doing business as TAGnet from inception to acquisition. Major data center web hosting infrastructure assisted publisher’s worldwide in producing and delivering multi-lingual content such as live television and radio broadcasting, development of distance learning, Communications Tools and Websites. TAGnet also provided Domain Name Registration, Email Hosting, Software Development Services and more for charitable and humanitarian Seventh-day Adventist non-profit organizations.

November 2000 - May 2001 (7 months)
Engineering Solutions Architect, Strategic Engineering Solutions

Managed a team of engineers automating processes for publishing capacity planning and system models. These enabled corporate decisions makers to understand hardware and software capacity and assisted management to implement cost-effective solutions by characterizing bandwidth and systems resource consumption.

March 1996 - November 2000 (4 years 9 months)
Broadband Webmaster, Content Engineering

Developed Broadband publishing system for @Home Network. I served as hub of the Internet publishing activities. Set up publishing system for advertising. Implemented content distribution systems, pushing content to Regional Data Centers. Developed the @Home Network demo technology that was used for cable shows, executive briefings, @Home Network IPO Road Show, Advertising Demonstrations, Mall Tours, FCC presentations, The Allen Conference, and other strategic purposes. Taught MSO (cable) partners to publish. Supported MSO partners in their publishing efforts. Managed and maintained email system for customer communications. Worked cross-functionally with different groups and partners such as Marketing, Advertising, Client Software, Engineering, Editorial, Design, International, Network Operations, Administration, etc. coordinating and enabling collaborative publishing efforts. Documented publishing systems and processes. Archived content in easily retrievable web based format.

July 1994 - April 1996 (1 year 10 months)
Apple Computer
Internet Publishing Manager, eWorld

Internet Publishing Manager, Webmaster, and Web-cast Project lead. Designed online services and Internet publishing systems. Coordinated the efforts of Marketing, Creative Services, Engineering, Networking and Information Publishers. Directed Projects from conception to final implementation. Managed FTP and Telnet based publishing solutions. Developed an Internet resource center in eWorld, Apple's online service at the time as well as the Learning Center and the Computer Center. Created and taught corporate courses 'Introduction to the Internet' and 'Authoring with HTML'. Developed an Internet based publishing infrastructure. Implemented remote control access for project management. Supervised the major infrastructure required in the production of Web-casts (technical lead for the first Grammy awards web-cast) using audio, video, chat rooms, auto-updating cameras, and more.

June 1991 - April 1994 (2 years 11 months)
Silver Hills Guest House
Director of Computer Operations and Education

Provided technical leadership to a non-profit organization. Managed all computer operations including financial control, invoicing, sales generation and marketing systems. Developed curriculum for teaching basic computer and Internet skills. Assisted school district by providing Internet training to High School teachers.

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Additional Experience

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October 1997 - Present
Real Estate Investments
Texas, Colorado and California based investment in Rental Properties. Manage Residential and Commercial Acquisitions.

November 2004 - December 2007 (3 years)
A-1 Accommodations, Inc.

Real Estate Brokerage in the rapidly growing Hill Country area of Austin, Texas.

July 1988 - March 1991 (2 years 9 months)
Wells Heatly Corporation
Real Estate Agent and Developer

Acquired properties for development. Sold developed and undeveloped properties. Arranged joint venture partnerships in Commercial Real Estate. Leased commercial properties.

June 1983 - June 1988 (5 years 1 month)
Heart Rehabilitation Foundation
Vice-President and General Manager

Directed operations of wholesale natural foods business, two vegetarian restaurants and a forty-acre organic orchard. Negotiated leases, designed floor plans, supervised construction, organized menus, and coordinated work shifts. Organized series of nutrition seminars, vegetarian cooking schools, and stress management classes.

References provided upon request.
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Fluency in English, Portuguese (Brazil) & Spanish 

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ASI Published Rewrite of Ten Talents Article

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Ten Talents Cookbook CoverAn article I, Sean Carney, wrote and which my wife, Linda Carney, improved through editing, as a gift for Rosalie Hurd, author of the Ten Talents cookbook was recently rewritten and published on the ASI web site (Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries.  The original article was written in the first person as a testimony for Rosalie to share with people interested in what is possibly the best cookbook every written. Go ahead and purchase a copy of Ten Talents from our online book store to check it out!  The communications director for ASI excellently rewrote the article in the third person and will be publishing it in their 'Update' and leaving a copy permanently on their web site at ASIministries.org.  For the time being the ASI version of the article can be read, temporarily, by Clicking Here.

A PDF version of the ASI Update eMail introduction and article has been created for Rosalie Hurd to give to interested parties. Click Here to Download the PDF Version!

Original Article Written for Ten Talents Cookbook

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A copy of the original article submitted to ASI and to AMEN for inclusion in their publications, if they are interested, has also been published here since the entities that have had the article submitted to them also have the option to choose to edit the article for space and relevance to their audience.

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Orignal Article for Jewish Heritage Scripture Studies

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In 2007 I, Sean Carney, wrote an article for inclusion in the Jewish Heritage Scripture Studies book authored by Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky. The article was about my life and my encounter with Y'shua and is one of MANY fascinating stories included!  The rewritten article which appeared in the book was modified for space and relevancy and can be read by purchasing the book at JewishHeritage.net.  The book is an excellent introduction or, as in my case, refresher about Jewish Heritage.

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Sean Carney